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The use of this old school, vintage Google Hangout messaging template is a great way to engage and gain the interest of your students. Best of all, this resource is available in both printable pdf format as well as a Google Slides editable format. This Google Hangout template allows students to create conversations. Included is;

  • iPhone App Screen Layout (students can add extra apps)

  • Android App Screen Layout (students can add extra apps)

  • Google Hangout main contact list layout

  • 6 different Google Hangout message layout

Each page has text boxes for your students to change. The template is locked, so your students can’t mistakenly move or delete the background. If you choose to print the PDF, have your students write up their own conversation.

Some use examples;

  • Have a conversation between characters in a novel

  • Have a conversation with a historical person

  • Have a conversation between friends or family for a creative writing activity

When your students are finished, they can save a picture of their conversation template.

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Last Update: 28th December 2022
Released: 23rd September 2022