Educational worksheet on English language contractions and grammar.


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A bundle of **35** resources aimed at Year 6 but suitable across Upper KS2. **35** short grammar activities that can be used in grammar sessions, plenaries or interventions. Can be used independently or as part of paired or group work. Answers included

Resources for:

* Correct and incorrect punctuation
* Semi-colons and colons
* Commas for clarity
* Word types including determiners, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, hyphens, punctuation for parenthesis, inverted commas, modal verbs
* Using a word as a noun and a verb
* Noun phrases
* Tense
* Prefixes and suffixes and word meanings
* Contractions.

Activities include identifying grammar within sentences, explaining how it has been used, marking and correcting sentences, matching meanings and improving sentences.

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Last Update: 5th April 2022
Released: 5th April 2022