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A series of 7 very well planned/resourced lessons about the different landscapes and physical processes in the UK.
It will save a lot of planning time!

Lesson breakdown
Lesson 1: An introduction to what a landscape is and how we can describe the different landscapes of the UK.
Lesson 2: A lesson that investigates how the UK’s geology influences the landscapes of the UK.
Lesson 3: We visit the Yorkshire Dales and explain how chemical weathering influences and shapes the landscape and it’s features.
Lesson 4: A journey to the UK’s mountains, their landforms and the erosion processes that take place on them.
Lesson 5: We explore the UK’s forests, read graphs to look at their growth and recovery and investigate how we interact with them.
Lesson 6: A lesson in the Lake District, students will learn how to use a map and then decide if a hotel development should go ahead.
Lesson 7: Assessment lesson with feedback PPT.

**Overall a very well polished SoW that will save you a lot of time and planning! **

The lessons are observation quality and include starter tasks, extensions and differentiation. The SoW is meant for KS3 but could be used for the upper end of KS2 or weak KS4 groups. The SoW is very easy to teach from and includes answers to tasks which means a non-specialist could easily teach it. Includes an assessment lesson at the end with a PPT of answers to go through.

I would really appreciate it if you could leave me a review, thanks!

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