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L 6 This lesson has a scientific aspect, giving pupils a chance to understand and research what foods are consumed in the world and how they are consumed.
What foods are produced for the fast food industry and how does overconsumption of certain foods increase obesity in the world?
Pupils will have opportunities to research areas of the world where there is an obesity crisis; also by watching a bbc clip/you tube clip –‘The men who made us fat’. Will allow pupils to think about the foods we eat, seeing fast food restaurants everywhere, and advertisements.
By researching the crops that are grown and farmed in the world have a huge impact on world population and world obesity.

L 8 Food distribution is a current issue as is food production; this lesson is about both these issues. Children will consider both and investigate what foods are grown, produced and distributed in the UK; the impact farmers are facing with costs and profits when supplying their produce to supermarkets. Children will have opportunities in mapping food production and distribution in the Great Britain and around the world, and write a report on why there is so much food waste from vegetables grown as they don’t match the supermarkets criteria in size and shape.

L 10 This lesson will give pupils an understanding of the concept of varying food prices across the supermarkets. As well as opportunities for research and give an explanation of varying food prices across the UK and world.

When we do our food shopping, do you look at the prices between supermarkets on certain produce?
Today’s lesson involves thinking about
Q. Why does the cost of fruit and vegetables vary so much between the supermarkets?
Many food produce, especially fruit and vegetables are imported from around the world.
Q. How does this impact and influence the shopper on food prices?

As a nation are we set in our ways in only buying from one supermarket, or only buying brand name produce?
A research lesson where children will evaluate their findings, putting the data collected into a graph and writing an explanation of what has been found out.

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