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This game is all about matching fractions, decimals and percentages. it includes several equivalent fractions as well. Included are:
a half
a quarter
three quarters
one third
two thirds
one fifth
two fifth
one eight
one tenth

There are 6 types of card in this pack, Black cards which feature simple fractions, 2 sets of Green cards which are their basic equivalent fractions, Red cards which are more difficult equivalent fractions, 2 sets of Purple cards which feature visual representations of equivalent fractions, Yellow cards which feature equivalent percentage values and Blue cards which feature equivalent decimal values.

There are two variations of this game. One is a classical game of snap, where students win if they spot equivalent cards appearing. The second way to use this, and one that has been popular with my students, is to lay out the base fractions in a line (or get students to lay them out in order of size, thereby testing their knowledge of ordering fractions) and then challenging them to race each other to match all the equivalent cards as quick as possible,

Full rules and answer key are provided in the pack itself. The cards are also printed with easy-cut guides to make preparation fast and simple.

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Last Update: 5th December 2023
Released: 5th December 2023