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A quiz that introduces different countries and their cuisines.


Find out about myths, general food knowledge, and certain dishes from all over the world, in a fun quiz form.


The quiz contains clear questions, answers, and extra information to learn more about the myth/dish/food. The ‘contestants’ will, for example, learn about where sushi originally is from, what country the biggest coffee producer is, and what country is famous for its tender steak.


The PPT consists of 3 rounds and 64 slides in total.

– the first round (true or false) – 7 questions – is focused on food myths and general food knowledge.

– the second round (guess where the food is from) – 10 questions – is focused on famous dishes from different cuisines, their origin, and a general description of the ingredients and/or taste.

– the third round (fill in the gaps) – 5 questions – is about specialties from several countries. What is their cuisine famous for?


The teacher has the freedom on how to play the quiz. It is advised to make teams and to stimulate discussion. A point system can be implemented.


Usage rights:

All photos are legally permitted to use. The usage rights state that it can be used for commercial & other purposes.

All questions are manually created and not copied from a certain website.

Additional information has resources mentioned.

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Last Update: 3rd June 2021
Released: 3rd June 2021