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Fireworks creative writing frame, illustrated. Nine lines with ample gaps to fill and spaces for developments, inviting action words, sky descriptions and similes at the end. Full page, large print, clear lay-out. Text:-

“Fireworks go ___ and ___
through the ___ [long line] sky
[This verse is repeated twice: 3 verses total]
They are as bright as ___ [long line for descriptive simile]
and as noisy as ___                 ”     ”      ”          ”                 “
but the sky is as dark as ___  ”    ”      ”          ”                 ” .

Space between verses for extra writing.

Tips for warm-up: view, discuss, sound out and enact fireworks first. Elicit action words – whizzing, exploding, whining, meandering – and adverbs – mysteriously, magnificently, deafeningly, gracefully… Then elicit words for the sky – deep, gloomy, peaceful, rainy, still, sleepy, vast, coal-black… Finally, invite ideas for the 3 similes at the end. Allow time for colouring in the exciting illustrations. Finished sheets will make a great display!


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