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Attractive, full-page firework pictures to colour in, with starter writing lines, easier – one line, harder, several lines including a simile. (2 sheets included.)

Easier sheet: Fireworks are _____.
Harder sheet: Fireworks are ___ and ___ (x 3), then – They are as bright as ___.
Large, clear text with plenty of space for writing on the long, thick, black lines around the exciting picture.
Successfully tried and tested – the children in my classes love them!
Creative writing opportunity. Elicit words like – hot, sparkly, noisy, colourful, red, gold (+ other colours), poppy, smoky, beautiful, pretty, bangy, zooming, glittery, shiny, fast.  Simile – they are as bright as: stars, gems, jewels, pearls, treasure, candles, flowers, lights, eyes, glitter, fire, the sun.
Develops colour awareness and artistic expression.
Calming, cheerful, absorbing activity. Great for reassurance and PSHE.
Supports Guy Fawkes Night celebrations and awareness.

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Last Update: 25th October 2020
Released: 22nd October 2020