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The questions in the workbook cover the following specification statements.
1.1 Recall and use SI units for physical quantities.
1.2 Recall and use multiples and sub-multiples of units, including giga (G), mega (M), kilo (k), centi ©, milli (m), micro (μ) and nano (n)
1.3 Be able to convert between different units, including hours to seconds.
1.4 Use significant figures and standard form where appropriate.

This workbook provides questions linked closely to each specification statement. The workbook therefore provides a thorough assessment of students knowledge and understanding and can be used to provide formative and summative assessment opportunities.

The questions are written to closely match the style of the exam and assess the different assessment objectives, using a range of question types.

The workbook questions could be used in different ways;
• As homework tasks
• As end of topic tests
• As revision practice

This topic covers knowledge, understanding and skills that will be important to all GCSE Physics students.

The content covered in this resource is applicable to the following Edexcel GCSE Physics exam papers:
Paper 1 (1PH0/1F, 1PH0/1H)
Paper 2 (1PH0/2F, 1PH0/2H)

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Last Update: 21st March 2024
Released: 21st March 2024