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Fun way to practice Conversation skills. Students use the question on their card to start a conversation with someone else before playing the card. The game can also be customized or adapted as needed for maintaining conversations, commenting, or as a get to know you activity. Great for targeting a variety of language goals! Can be used in group or individual therapy sessions to keep your students engaged!

60 Cards with conversational questions, 60 back covers with L&L logo

-Print, laminate, and cut cards apart

-5 different colors, B Bonus Cards (you can ask question someone else or keep it for later) , Troll Cards (Funnier questions) and blank customizable cards are included

-Have fun playing a game while practicing conversations

-Ask the question on your card to initiate a conversation

-Two or more players

-Customizable blank cards added to meet individual goals

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Last Update: 23rd May 2023
Released: 23rd May 2023