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Whether you are in a 1 to 1 classroom or have access to Chromebooks, laptops or iPads, this resource is a great way to have your students create a comic. Go paperless with this digital editable Google Slides. This resource includes 15 different blank comic book layouts. You can have the students print out their comic book once they finalize their digital version, as the resource is set to 8.5 x 11 paper size. Or you can pre-print the blank layouts with the included PDF and have the students draw on a paper copy. The choice is yours!



  • Another option for projects
  • Allows for a lot of creativity
  • Uses a familiar format
  • Can incorporate both visual and written information
  • Improve narrative writing skills
  • It’s fun!



  • Illustrate a concept from class, such as a property of science
  • Retell a story or a portion of a story they have read for class
  • Re-enact a famous scene from history
  • Students can tell about themselves with an autobiographical comic.
  • Students can make a comic that uses vocabulary words for that week.


If your students are using the digital version, when possible use images with transparency to avoid blocking the background. Images that are in the PNG format are the best as they are generally transparent.

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Last Update: 8th September 2022
Released: 8th September 2022