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Explore the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of Chinese New Year with this bumper teaching pack which includes ‘Chinese New Year,’ a fully resourced, step by step multisensory story plus themed, sensory ideas and activities.

This resource connects individuals to literacy, culture, history, and topic through the senses and is aimed at supporting:

1. Students (aged 3-19) following pre-formal/sensory, semi-formal or formal pathways in special education schools and settings. The story and activities support the areas of the Engagement Model and link in with many other areas of learning (see ‘Skills Promoted During this Multisensory Story’ below)

2. EYFS students – This resource includes activities and ideas that link to areas of the EYFS Statutory Framework.

3. Year 1 students in non-SEN/mainstream education – This resource includes activities and ideas that link to areas of the National Curriculum KS1.

4. EAL students – The rhythm and rhyme in the stories supports literacy skills and builds comprehension and understanding.

5. SALT students – This resource supports the promotion of language and communication skills.

6. Activity Coordinators and support workers working with adults in care settings.

7. The story and activities and fully resourced step-by-step guides so can be delivered and enjoyed by grandparents, parents, siblings, carers.

Table of Contents:

Sourcing the Story Props
How to Tell a Multisensory Story
Chinese New Year – A Multisensory Exploration
Skills Promoted During this Multisensory Story
Chinese New Year Themed Listening Game
Chinese New Year Themed Sensory Bin
Chinese New Year Themed Sensory Bag
The Great Wall of China
Terracotta Warriors
‘Five Oxen’ Sensory Art
Chinese Landscape Ink Painting
Chinese Lanterns
Chinese Music
The Great Race
The Great Race PMLD (Multisensory Version)
Chinese New Year Guided Relaxation Adventure
Chinese New Year Lucky/Unlucky Gifts
Chinese Music
Spring Clean Your Classroom
Chinese New Year Sensory Ideas & Inspiration

What is a Multisensory Story?
A multisensory story is told using sensory stimuli (props).
The story props are low budget, everyday items found around the home, garden, outdoor areas and in the classroom.

Skills Promoted During this Multisensory Story
– Created a bond between the storyteller and the story explorer.
​- Explored culture and the festival of Chinese New Year.
​- Promoted communication skills: Eye contact, listening, shared attention and language development.
​- Explored and expressed likes, dislikes and sensory preferences.
– The opportunity to make choices​ and rejections.
– Creative arts and crafts.
​- Poetry: Listening to rhythm and rhyme​.
– Promoted self-awareness: Asking for ‘Help’, ‘Again’, ‘More’, ‘Stop’, ‘No’​.
– Explored cause and effect: Torches/lights.
– Promoted physical development: Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, manipulation, and control.
​- Independence Skills: Dressing/cleaning/polishing.
– D&T nutrition: Explored and tasted new foods/baking​ skills (weights and measurements).
– Explored musical instruments​.
– Physical development: Dragon dance.
– Promoted social skills: Turn-taking, sharing, waiting, and listening to other peoples’ ideas.
​- Personal, social, and emotional development: Self–confidence/trying new skills/celebrated achievement​.

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