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This climate change teaching resources pack by Challenge 2025 includes lesson ideas and resources for Key Stage 2, particularly focused on Years 4 and 5. It will help children to understand that there are hidden dangers in petrol garden tools and can be used in lessons you already have planned on air and noise pollution. The pack links to Art, Science and English in the 2014 National Curriculum. It can be used for four short lessons, or two two-part lessons. It can also be used to aid at home learning.

Children are most vulnerable to poor air quality. And while efforts are being made around cars, other transport and the ways we produce energy, there are still industries out there using combustion engines when there are battery-powered alternatives.

We want to make sure children, and teachers alike, are aware of this so while schools are implementing green measures like no idling zones and green barriers there’s also a thought about the equipment that is being used closest to the classrooms by the grounds people and also those being used by parents at home.

This pack will introduce children to the dangers associated with petrol tools and get them thinking about ways they can build a Cleaner, Quieter, Safer future with the solutions that are available today.

Aimed at mid-Key Stage 2 children, we invite them to create a hero, draw a comic strip, design some ear protectors and make a battery of their own.

All resources and teaching slides are available by emailing: challenge2025@wyattinternational.com

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Last Update: 15th February 2023
Released: 15th February 2023