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Create and explore animals from A to Z with these fun lessons integrating sensory and hands-on activities, songs, and printable templates. Each lesson is developmentally appropriate for children ages three to six years and offers alternatives and extensions to tailor the activities to the individual needs of the child. The alphabet activities will reinforce letter recognition, the phonetic sound of the letter, and will introduce early writing techniques using letter tracing worksheets and printables. Writing, coloring, cutting, and tearing activities will refine fine motor skills. Letter tracing will promote letter learning through muscle memory by tracing the pattern and strokes of each letter.
Each lesson focuses on one letter of the alphabet and includes animal fun facts, creative activities, early math concepts, art and science exploration, as well as music and movement ideas. Each lesson offers the opportunity to immerse the child into the world of animals by exploring and learning about the animal kingdom and the world around us. Have fun and explore animals that begin with the letters A to Z!
Animal Alphabet A-Z offers complete curriculum lessons for classroom and homeschool teachers. Each letter offers multiple activities that can be explored daily or customized to integrate into a week’s curriculum! The lessons can also be developed and explored as part of a complete curriculum over the course of a school year!
337 pages of creative projects combine math, language, art, science, and gross or fine motor skills. Each lesson includes a song recommendation as well as discussion topics to encourage children to think, discuss, and ask questions that are relevant to each topic. Lessons include activities that use a printable worksheet or template. These can be found at the end of each lesson and can be printed or photocopied for each child. A list of any materials required are listed at the top of each lesson.
Teaching Materials Include:
• 26 complete lessons exploring animals that begin with the letters A through Z
• Learn about animals: amphibians, frogs, bugs, bees, butterflies, crustaceans, crabs, sea mammals, dolphins, birds, eagles, fish, farm animals, hedgehogs, iguanas, jellyfish, koalas, narwhal whales, owls, penguins, quetzals, raccoons, spiders, turtles, reptiles, vertebrates, whales, and dinosaurs
• Letter animals include: alligator, bat, cow, dog, elephant, flamingo, giraffe, hippo, iguana, jaguar, kangaroo, lion, mouse, newt, octopus, panda, quail, rhinoceros, squirrel, toucan, umbrellabird, viper, walrus, x-ray fish, yellow jacket, and zebra
• Paper plate animals include: armadillo, bear, crab, dolphin, eagle, fish, goat, hedgehog, insect/ iris weevil, jellyfish, koala, ladybug, monkey, narwhal whale, owl, penguin, quetzal, raccoon, skunk, turtle, urchin, vulture, orca whale, xerus, yak, and zebra shark
• 215 printable templates of coloring pages, letter tracing, and crafts
• Develop fine motor skills with finger play songs, letter tracing, cutting, painting, paper tearing, threading, beading, and coloring
• Song lyrics for the traditional and counting songs
• Movement ideas for the music and activity songs that will get you marching, dancing, and pretending to be different animals
• Learn about early math concepts including: counting, finger play songs, number to quantity matching, one to one correspondence, AB patterning, and sets
• Learn about different habitats including: rainforests, Australia, oceans, the Arctic regions, woodlands, and underground
• Create, explore and discuss science: frog and butterfly lifecycles, sound waves, bouncing egg, the five senses, hibernation, making a rainforest habitat, floating jellyfish, living and non-living, fur or feathers, the 5 groups of vertebrates, invertebrates, night and day, ocean in a bottle, parts of a quail, woodland habitats, temperature, worms, vertebrate animals, and salt clay fossils
• Art and craft ideas include: collages of animals that begin with each letter, paper plate animals, letter animals, hermit crab in a shell, farm animals in a field, hibernation nest, jaguar mask, feathery kiwi bird, kangaroo and joey, octopus, woodland animals collage, letter to animal matching………and so much more. The ideas are endless! Create, Explore, Discuss!

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