How to connect to Stripe

After you have registered as a seller you will need a stripe account to receive your funds from purchases. You can either create a new account or link to your current Stripe account if you already have one.

In order to get setup with Stripe, you will need to provide information such as location, phone number and banking details. It will be helpful to gather this information before starting.

Start by logging into your Seller Dashboard and click the blue Connect with Stripe button.

You will then be brought to Stripe where you will need to fill out the required information and account details.


Please note that Stripe is only available in select countries, so you may not be able to setup your account if you are in a currently unsupported country.

Proceed by filling out all required information and pressing “Authorize Access to Stripe.” Upon completion, you will be brought back to your Lesson Planned Dashboard showing a successful connection message.

You can log in anytime to your Stripe account directly at